Training the Neck -Colgate University

Training the Neck -Colgate University

Colgate University Knows How to Train the Head and Neck Musculature of Their Athletes.

Gabe Harrington and I worked together at The United States Military Academy at West Point as assistant strength coaches.

It was there that we found that we had been taught proper neck training protocol from our previous (mentors) Head Strength coaches, Dan Riley and Ken Mannie.

Dan instilled in me the importance and priority the muscles of the head and neck play with regards to protecting the athlete.

Gabe had a great teacher in Ken Mannie, Head Strength Coach Michigan State University, who also emphasize  the need for training the neck and making the neck region as strong as possible.

Dan told me on several occasions if we had time to only train the neck and trapezius we did our job.

Gabe and I trained hundreds of necks while at West Point.

Now Gabe is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Colgate University.

Gabe has carried on the tradition and protocol of training the entire anatomical unit. And making the neck priority number ONE.

Gabe and the Team Physician at Colgate concur many injuries were avoided or reduced due to very strong head and neck muscles of the Colgate athletes. Gabe had a female hockey player crash through the glass and strike her head on a steel I-beam. She required several stitches to close the laceration, but the team doctor was amazed that was all. He said, “she has an incredibly strong neck and that probably saved her from more severe injuries.”

Gabe is one the young strength coaches that will help us combat the National Concussion Epidemic.

If you measure a coach by the performance of his athletes. Dan Riley and Ken Mannie are winners. They also have the gratitude  of their athletes for protecting and preparing them for their sport.

Gabe Harrington carries on the tradition of protecting the athlete first.








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