Project Neck Rolls On!

Project Neck is off and running!

Project Neck, now being conducted at Elon University in North Carolina.  Test subjects are working hard.

The Project Neck Lab consists of two state-of the- art pieces of strength training equipment being provided by Pendulum of Rogers Athletic. We have a compact squat rack and several hundreds of pounds of weight and a olympic bar.

Project Neck differs from any other concussive forces study in the fact that this is the only study to ever research the head and neck together. The only study to induce hypertrophy of the capital muscle of the head and neck. The only study to examine  neck cylinder size and how that size difference lowers concussive forces.

Project Neck’s goal is to build a better dissipator  of kinetic energy by anatomical and morphological changes of the musculature of the head and neck through resistance training.

Project Neck is a simple study. We want to lower concussive and subconcussive forces.

We believe Project Neck to be a noble cause.  Project Neck is the only research study looking at what can be done  prior to the concussive episode.  If Project Neck’s research helps to lower dangerous forces to the brain through an established protocol we will feel our time to be well spent.  A protocol would allow an athlete to prepare for the rigors of his or her sport.  Concussions will always be a risk of playing competitive sports and the only cure for concussions is to stop playing sports.

The mission of every sport coach, strength coach or parent should be to protect the athlete first. Project Neck’s research results hope to give coaches and parents the tools to prepare their athletes for competition.

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